Monday, 3 March 2014

Sports Education Module (Volleyball)

Hi students, 

This thread will be used for information on the upcoming SEM. Here are some of the new rules:

Table A      Table B
1                 2
3                4
5                6

(There will be 4 games each, with each group from Table A playing against every group in Table B. The last match will be 1st of A versus 1st of B, and so on.......)

1.  Self scoring and self umpiring: one rep per team for both roles.

2. 10 minute games. 5 mins rest in between games.

3. 4 players: 1 captain, 1 coach, 1 scorer and 1 umpire.

4. Service and player rotation is compulsory. Back right person is the server. Rotation done when service is won over. If ball won continuously, server remains the same, no rotation.

5. Service from anywhere behind the badminton service line. Both overhead or underhand serves are allowed. If serving from inside the court, only underhand serve allowed due to the trajectory of the ball.

6. Point scored when ball lands inside opponents court or opponents lose the ball.

7. After receiving the 1st ball, there is no 'out'. Ball is in play anywhere in the ISH or competition area. Teammates are expected to RUN and catch the ball wherever it lands. This is only applicable IF your team has already gained possession by touching the 1st ball that came over the net.

8. Only 3 touches per team allowed. 3rd touch must go over the net.

9. No consecutive touches for one person.

10. If a person catches the ball, he or she must toss the ball to him/herself, to volley or dig the ball to teammates.

11. Net: no one is allowed to touch the net. Both spikers and blockers be aware. Possession lost when net is touched.

12. No re-serves, but 2 tosses of ball are allowed for service.

Please leave a comment below per group (new group of 3/4 students), and include all the names of your group members. Also, you might like to come up with a group name, and a group identity or trademark (e.g, everyone wears a sash or headband, etc..).

Also, please include who will be assuming the 4 different roles for all 4 games. 
For example: Game 1: Captain - John, Coach - Jane, Umpire - Sam, Scorer - Lisa.

Please be reminded that the Coach will have to come up with a quick 5-minute warm up for the team before each match.

Thank you, and have a fun SEM! =)

Ms Andrea